Welcome to Yoga with Harp

My yoga classes will start on Wednesday the 27th at the Lake Bolac Bush Nursing Centre.

Mothers, this will be your special weekly one and a half hours just concentrating on your wellbeing and connecting with your true inner self.

In the evening I will welcome some open minded farmers and other open minded members of   the community who will finally find their way to the yoga mat to realize their New Year resolution by addressing their own needs and looking after their health .

I do look forward to meeting you all on the 27th and working with you over the next 10 weeks !

Find out more information on health benefits of yoga at my website. And if you are interested in scientific research comparing yoga with conventional exercises do take a look at the following article:

The Health Benefits of Yoga and Exercise: A Review of Comparison Studies, School of Nursing, University of Maryland, Baltimore

Barbara Carr