I grew up in Germany and have been playing the harp for over 40 years and practicing yoga for over 17 years. My career began on bio-dynamic farms in Germany and progressed to making cheese and herding cows in the Swiss Alps. After arriving in Australia in 1990, I managed two country motels before building and running a boutique accommodation business in the Grampians. After selling the business, I decided to pursue my love of yoga.

I qualified as a Satyananda yoga teacher in 2009. During my teaching career, I have taught yoga with harp in several nursing homes and adult education institutions, as well as conducting private classes for people of all ages. My passion is teaching my clients skills for life through accessible yoga techniques.

I have always believed in the benefits of harp music for the sick and elderly. So, in 2014, I qualified as a therapeutic musician with the International Harp Therapy Program in San Diego California. Since then, I have provided harp music sessions to clients in nursing homes and palliative care wards. 

Yoga with harp is a unique blend of my experience as a therapeutic musician with my teachings as a Satyananda Yoga teacher.