The benefits of yoga are far reaching, and may include:

  • Increased flexibility

  • Increased muscle strength

  • Decrease in heart rate

  • Reduction in stress levels

  • Reduction of inflammation

  • Increased self-awareness

Yoga practises increase flexibility and muscle strength, which can bring relief to back-pain sufferers. It can also reduce inflammation, associated with chronic diseases. 

In addition to feeling energised and rejuvenated, yoga can give us tools that help us deal with stress in a better way, thereby reducing long-term detrimental effects of stressful situations on our health. It can also increase our ability to concentrate and to live in-the-moment with greater awareness, and can promote the production of endorphins (which are associated with feelings of happiness). 

During a yoga session you will practise mindfulness through postures, breath control and sound. Guided meditation and relaxation sequences will help you experience inner stillness. These skills can then be used outside the yoga class to help you cope with everyday challenges.

The harp will help you to dive deeper into a profound state of relaxation, to circumnavigate the analytical part of your mind and to experience the sound of inner silence that is only possible through your un-diverted presence in the here and now.


Further reading

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